Luella Glover Wilson

Area. Mid Devon
Venue No. MD9
Address. 65 Belmont Road, Tiverton
Postcode. EX16 6EQ
Telephone. 07867795290
Opening Info. 10am–5pm
Directions The directions to find me at 65 Belmont Road, Tiverton are: Set your device for the above address and you will be brought to a mini roundabout at the end of Belmont Road. If you turn onto Pinnex Moor Road, off the roundabout, you should be able to find somewhere to park quite easily. You will notice a painted building (part white/part grey) on the left hand side of Belmont Road, with one street door, which has four numbers on it, including 65. When you open the door, you will see 65 on the gate just ahead of you.
Access Info. There is one step at the end of the path.

Opening Dates

September 2023


Access Info. There is one step at the end of the path.
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My work is informed by my love of the countryside, and of reflection and texture, painted with watercolour.

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