Spotlight on … Susie Honnor

Susie Honnor is taking part in Devon Open Studios for the first time. She brings a new dimension to potato printing, using the special textures to make colourful patterns on cushions and lampshades. Susie was inspired to start making when she and her husband created a new room at the top of their garden. The space was so wonderful that she felt it should be used every day, and began experimenting. Using six pots of fabric ink to create a range of shades and colours, Susie takes advantage of the natural qualities of the potato to make her marks. She chooses her potatoes for their shapes and uses a lino cutter to make patterns. The skin of the potato picks up the dye to give a clean edge, while a different effect is created by the cut potato edges.

Although the process is low-tech, Susie carefully considers every detail at each stage to produce her special designs.

Caring for the environment is important too, and Susie pays careful attention to the sustainability of every part of her making — her choice of inks, fabrics and cushion pads as well as packaging.

Susie will be showing her work alongside botanical artist Rosie Sanders in Bovey Tracey, venue T44.