2021 Spotlight on Rosie Sanders

I am known for my large exuberant paintings of flowers and have had several books published about them but I like to push the boundaries in both my painting and printmaking.

My current exhibition, opening in London in early September, shows very large drawings of trees and woodlands in conte crayon, graphite and oil medium on Mylar together with large watercolours of wild flowers on paper. It is an exhibition about place, the trees, flowers and life of that place and I particularly enjoy finding a subject or place and concentrating my work around that. Tackling a new subject and new materials I find very exciting and I think it is good to explore new things and new ways of expressing them. My work also includes printmaking, and acrylics which I use in looser and a more ‘expressive’ and experimental style.

Until now, I have always lived in the countryside often in quite remote places, so living in a small town is a new experience. I moved to my current house partly to enable me to run residential painting courses, which I have for seventeen years, and also to give me plenty of space for studios and a print workshop in my house.   My home is my studio.  

I took part in the open studios when I first moved to Bovey and this is the second time. It is a good opportunity to meet people and share ideas.  

Rosie’s studio is venue 113 in Teignbridge.


Instagram: rosiesanders.4apple