2021 Spotlight on Kushuma Holyoak

Sitting on the Earth in ancient woodland near my home – untold layers of life changing – form – texture – rhythm – colour – experience.  I am the viewer and the observer – merging, immersed in the experience – in the sharing of the journey through this extraordinary life together.

Paints in boxes – canvas – paper scattered around me – making notes of colour that change as the day moves on – I am complete – completely lost yet a part of it all – the mystery – I make a painting.

I’m walking across the moor – light continuously changing on the beautiful line where Earth meets sky – every time it is different – every colour change is another wash of paint on the canvas until in 
my eyes the painting is complete.

Light from the window shines through a glass jug on the table – makes shadows on the apples in a bowl – everything has come from somewhere – all worth the looking and capturing the moment in paint.

I live next to the river – its sound – granite – wildflowers – gardens – trees – open land – it is an extraordinary place to live.

I am an international artist exhibiting widely over many years – also running workshops – I live and work on Dartmoor not far from Gidleigh – my studio a converted granite barn – your visit would be 
most welcome.