2021 Spotlight on Jane Hodgson

“Expressing a strong sense of physical energy, Jane Hodgson’s paintings use colour, light and surface to describe the natural world coupled with human emotions – love, fear, seeking, solitude, striving, hope, joy. Rather than creating a literal representation, she imbues each piece with the feelings of being human and part of the landscape”. 

Jane Pine, Artist

I paint and I love colour. In the first lockdown my work started to become more vibrant, I wanted to cheer myself up! It continues in that vein, sometimes using fluorescent pigments, which are amazing!  I mix my own oils and use large quantities of it – pouring, splashing and then refining my work. Oil is my main medium, working on large stretched canvasses and the occasional board. Recently I have produced some mixed media work on paper – ‘Mini Landscapes’ in blue, red, orange etc. I am represented by two galleries in Devon, and also exhibit with the South West Academy (SWAc), of which I am an Academician. .

My previous life was as a graphic designer until I thought I would die of boredom. My change began in 2000 with a BA (Hons) fine Art, 2005; then an MA Arts and Ecology, 2008; and I haven’t looked back since. I live and work near Bovey Tracey, my home studio is part of my house, which also backs on to 56 acres of woodland. I bought this house because of the studio which was formerly owned by a sculptor, I love it. 

Inspiration for me comes primarily from Dartmoor and the coast, which I walk a great deal. I was born in Hertfordshire but moved to Devon 14 years ago, and I am now home, the Home Counties never felt like home to me. 

I completed a mentoring programme at Newlyn School of Art in 2019 and now I coach artists of all levels myself, which is hugely rewarding. I want to help people create.