2021 Spotlight on Helen Wheatley

I live behind one of those doors beside a shop, where a dark corridor gives way to a house and a garden stretching out behind. I was born in Tasmania but have lived most of my adult life in England, bringing up a family of three, all of whom now have children of their own. I have lived in London and Yorkshire, now based in Totnes, a place of contrasts between old buildings and new shop fronts, smartly dressed visitors and local alternatives, and seemingly a place of kindness and tolerance.

I have been drawing as long as I can remember, and having tried most media, now paint in watercolours, or draw in pencil or pastel. I’m fascinated by grand buildings, the way they are put together and how they relate to the skies around them. These buildings can be stately homes, churches, Oxford colleges or Georgian Edinburgh. As a lifelong sailor, I am also interested in depicting traditional sailing ships, from Brixham trawlers to fully square rigged tall ships. Life drawing is the third of my loves; the human body is endlessly fascinating and the ways to portray it seem unlimited.

I trained in fine arts and art teaching, and can offer tuition in drawing and watercolour to individuals or very small groups on an ad hoc basis, depending on what is asked for, from complete beginners – in many ways the most fun – to more expert practitioners.

Helen can be found at venue 170 in South Hams.