Spotlight on Christine Dodd

How did I get to be in the privileged position of being able to be part of Devon Open Studios and work as a full time artist? Well, it has surely been an eventful passage of time. 

With no choice but to go into secretarial work at 17 for as my widowed mum said “you will never be out of work”, I reluctantly gave up any grandiose ideas of going to art school. So let us spring many years forward to two divorces and 3 beautiful daughters later. I gained, as a mature student, a BA Hons degree in English Literature, followed by a B.Phil Social Work Degree both from Exeter University. 

Trying to then make sense of my life, I went as a diversion to a watercolour class held by the late Heather Jansch. This rekindled my love in all that was associated with art and many happy memories followed with painting courses not only locally but in St. Ives, India and Portugal.

Further trying to find sense and meaning in my life I entered Jungian Analysis which led me on to training in Zurich for 10 yrs before becoming an analyst. This deep interactive work with the unconscious enriched my creativity and my art took further form. The ‘outer landscape’ became intertwined with the ‘inner landscape’. 

Now retired I can fully engage with my love of art that was thwarted as a teenager. But I do not regret any of my life as all of it, both good and not so good, has informed my work. I feel if a person stands in front of my work and is emotionally moved in some way, then I know they understand what the value of the ‘soul’ is.

Many times I am encouraged onwards, when faced with a blank canvas, with the words ‘no creativity comes from stasis’ and I feel age is immaterial to the growth of the creative spirit and soul, if anything it deepens and widens its power.

Christine is at venue 145.