Spotlight on … Catherine West

Catherine West has gathered a group of artists inspired by nature and wellbeing to show their work in her garden and studio in Crediton.

Catherine uses natural dyes, cyanotypes and stitching to create her textile work. One soft sculpture takes the form of a backpack printed with flowers using natural dyes. The sculpture is made of natural materials which change over time; the colours change with the sun’s rays. A skeleton magnolia leaf incorporated into the sculpture has become more fragile, and Catherine has reinforced it with delicate stitching. The sculpture tells the story of the baggage we carry with us, literally and figuratively. 

Catherine’s “Unfurling” is a series of work displayed in her greenhouse. A textile laptop sits on a vintage wooden desk. The screen is made with cyanotypes (sun prints), the cable of hand spun woollen thread and the three-pin plug was created from a recycled blanket. Around the greenhouse sit framed prints of ferns made using different techniques including eco-printing, cyanotype and slow stitching from shadow drawings. 

The 2023 summer solstice sunset inspired Catherine to make a woollen patchwork using reclaimed wool blankets dyed with dahlia, comfrey and other plants.

Venue MD16, Crediton Hamlets