Spotlight on … Jordan Eastwood

Jordan Eastwood set himself a 100-day figure drawing challenge. He wanted to practice his skills and create more confident lines, so he decided to share his daily drawing process on social media. The posts quickly became popular, and people have been keen to buy the drawings. 

Jordan has also been working on a burnt charcoal sculpture which forms the central part of his exhibition for Devon Open Studios. His aim is to create an immersive environment in his studio, using visual art with a soundscape and specially created smells. This work focuses on loneliness and isolation, reflecting Jordan’s struggles with mental health. His aim is to open up the conversation about mental health and use his art to encourage others to confront their own emotional challenges.

Jordan said:

I have a strong need to create works that will totally engage people, helping them experience feelings and new ‘environments’ that they may never have before. My hope is to give people a sense of perspective, a real insight into how another person thinks and feels. I feel that visual arts have to fight quite hard to be fully appreciated in the current social climate, so to tackle that, I intend to fully immerse people by plunging them into a deep atmosphere.”

Venue W8, Gulworthy.