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5 Artists @ Voyage

Alice Bulmer

Allison McSparron-Edwards

Amy Jobes

Amy McCarthy & Michelle Greenwood Brown

Angie Seaway

Anita Nowinska

Annette Nettie Jane Art

Art at St. John’s

Artists at The White Room

Brambly Wood Studios

Brian Harris

Bud Hodson Ceramics

Burrow Farm

Carolyn Cheesley

Celia Olsson

Ceramic Stove Creations

Chronic Voyage

Creative Corner

Donna Lawley Hopton


Four Artists at TAAG

Four Artists in Woodbury

Fursdon Barn Studios

Gidleigh Painters

Granite Elements

Ian Cox

Jane Leitch, Dick Leitch

Jane Perkins, Janec van Veen

Jane Pine

Janet Jarvis

Jenny Pery

Jenny Potter

John Christian

Juliette Mills & Dominic Welch

Jurgi Moor

Karen Wones, Mint Mosaics

Kate Eldridge

Kathy Nettles Art

Kushuma Holyoak

Lea Phillips

Lee Pover Coastal Artist

Lillias Guyon

Louise Kelly MA (RCA) & Debbie Lush MA (RCA)

Manaton Makers & Friends

Mark Abdey

Martin Dutton SWAc

Michael Buckland

Miranda Day

Oakleigh Studios

Pam Neaves and Rebecca Whittington

Penny Carter, Jane Watts

Penny O’Brien

Phil and Anne Smith

Phillippa Mills

Rhian Wyn Harrison

Rod Ashman SWAc

Ruth Helen Smith

Sharon Windebank

Sherril Olive

Siddy Langley Glass

Sonia Fynn, Tessa Rubbra

Stitch, Pot and Paint

Thyme and Space Ceramics

Trevor Meadows, Printmaker

Umborne Bridge Studio

Undermoor Makers

Yvonne Dolloway