Membership changes

A new Devon Artist Network website will be with us by Spring, and a new simplified subscription will start 1 January 2022. The standard and premium memberships will be amalgamated into a single tier of £32 a year and every member will benefit from links to their own website, information posts about their own events and workshops, 6 quality images and plenty of space for detailed information about their work on their individual artist page. The new website will be faster, have an improved user interface and will give us the flexibility to develop exciting ways to take our network forward.

The membership increase takes effect from 1 January but your own renewal date will not change. But anyone signing up or wanting to renew before the end of 2021 can take advantage of the current rate.

Everyone is asked to check the details and images on our existing Devon Artist Network site before the switchover. Poorly lit, low resolution images make it difficult to promote the work. Please look at your images, consult the advice on the website ( and let’s see some lovely images of amazing work. Artists must have at least one image of their work on the new site before their name will be visible.

We are looking forward to an exciting year and can’t wait to be able to show off all the wonderful artwork on our new website.